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The Uniqueness Of Airwheel Mars rover 2 Wheel Balance Electric Scooter

20, April 2017: The traditional fossil-fuel vehicles may not be the best choices for people in city transportations. So people have developed electricity-powered vehicles which are much quieter and more convenient in some situations. Though there are so many brands and models of electric vehicles in the market, the unique Airwheel will let you lead a free intelligent life.

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Bangkok Expat Life – Bringing What’s Hip and Happening in Bangkok to Expats, Urban Residents, Travelers & English Speaking Locals


CONTACT: Mayank (Manny) Kukreja



Bangkok Expat Life – Bringing What’s Hip and Happening in Bangkok to Expats, Urban Residents, Travelers & English Speaking Locals


Thailand, April 7th 2017 – In Thailand, there are numerous hot spots that promise endless fun filled time that ultimately end up being an enriching experiences that are memorable for life. Expats in Thailand as well as locals and travelers may have a hard time to create such memories simply because they are not familiar with what’s in and not in Bangkok. To fulfill that need, Bangkok Expat Life is the best choice. Bangkok Expat Life is a local lifestyle magazine for expats and English speaking locals.

Trustworthy Airport Transfers Services in UK

London, April 07, 2017 — British airport transfer can save a lot of time and endeavor by guaranteeing a safe onward journey to hotel or airport. After a prolonged flight, the final thing a passenger needs or wants is to hire a car and start reaching to hotel. This is where the airport transfers get involved and ensure the passenger gets a relaxed ride all the way to destination.

Friendly Cars specializes in cab transfers to and from all UK airports for both individuals and groups, with the accent on a polite and thoroughly professional personal service at reasonable prices. 24 hours a day. 7 days a week.

Demand of Car Rental Market in Global Industry : Overview, Size, Share, Trends, Analysis and Research 2019

ResearchMoz presents professional and in-depth study of “The Global Car Rental Market to 2019”.

The global car rental market registered an impressive growth in 2014 with all the four regions Americas, AsiaPacific, Europe, Middle East and Africa demonstrating positive growth. North America stood as the largest as well as the fastest growing market in 2014. Leisure travelers accounted for 54% of the car rental market value in 2014 while business travelers represented a share of 34.8%. Car rentals made at non-airport locations accounted for the largest share of the total market value in 2014 closely trailed by airport locations. The car rental industry will continue to expand over the forecast period, driven by the rise in tourism flows and expenditure.

Analysis of Low-Cost Airline Market in Global Industry : Trends, Demand and Technology 2017

ResearchMoz presents professional and in-depth study of “The Global Low-Cost Airline Market to 2020″.

In terms of seat capacity, the global low cost carrier (LCC) industry is expanding. According to the International Air Transport Association (IATA), LCCs hold 26% share in Asia-Pacific, 54% in Southeast Asia, and 26% globally. More than 12 airlines started operating in Asia-Pacific during the period 20052015. The fast growth in Asia-Pacific can be attributed to the fact that it has some of the fastest-growing economies including China and India

Lana Thai Villa Receives 5 Star Ratings for the Seventh Consecutive Year on Trip Advisor

Chiang Mai, Thailand: Lana Thai Villa continues to receive 5 star ratings for the seventh successive year on Trip Advisor. It provides luxury suites on one of Thailand’s most renowned resorts.

Lana Thai Villa resort in Chiang Mai enjoys 5-star ratings for the seventh year on Trip Advisor, the world’s largest travel site. Situated in Mae Rim at the foot hills of the Himalayas, the 3 suites in the Thai villa have been offered to guests for the last 17 years. They offer guests their combination of exceptional and personal service in a peaceful environment and complete privacy. Also on offer are all the facilities of a luxury resort and health retreat.

Lana Thai Villa Offers an Exclusive Deal of 20% off Its Rates This Summer

Chiang Mai, Thailand: Lana Thai Villa is offering a summer saving of up to 20% on its rates from the previous “high season”. It offers luxury accommodation in one of the best villas in Thailand.

As usual during the upcoming special summer holiday season in Thailand, Lana Thai Villa offers complete luxury set right up close to nature. It offers good and healthy living with health retreat services which include swimming pools, whirlpools and a world class spa within a peaceful environment. Its announcement of 20% off its rate is the perfect opportunity for those who want to spend their summer in exotic and luxurious suites in a wonderful Thai villa.

Buy More Adventures Discusses About How to Avoid Bad Safari Company in Kenya

Millions of foreign travelers tour Kenya every year for, what they anticipate, a superb safari adventure in one of those enchanting surrounding places such as Amboseli National Park and Masai Mara. When they come off the flight, they’re approached by so many street tout who wish to sell them a Kenya safari tour on the spot. In Mombasa and Nairobi, there’re so many tour operators, but they are not all reliable.

While there’re reputed company like us that try to offer you an authentic Kenya safari trip, many firms deliver poor service whereas others are outright crooks. Complaints vary from overlooking reasonable customer demands and horrible foods to vanishing overnight with your cash and sexual assault by staff members” said a spokesperson of Buy More Adventures.

Book Taxi Online London Heathrow


London, March 22, 2017 — Welcome to Friendly Cars, the finest airport cab service provider. Friendly Cars offer taxi and cab services from any airport of London and from London to any airport in London.

Are you looking for a taxi or cab to go to or from Heathrow airport? When you fly into one of London’s airports, you may find it difficult to approach a cab after you have cleared customs and collected your luggage. Don’t worry. You don’t need any additional stress. You just need a reliable service. But with so many cab services to choose from whom do you choose.

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