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Allen The Artist’s 1st Ever EP with 9 Tracks Now Available on Sound Cloud

Blytheville, United States; 19, April 2017: Allen The Artist is an aspiring young artist, whose music often describes the lifestyle and hardships that one has to undergo in order to make it to the top. Allen specializes in creating meaningful and soulful music that can inspire everyone, particularly youths who are aiming to achieve big goals in life. The artist’s 1st Ever EP is now introduced on the Sound Cloud for anyone to listen to his divine music.


HicksBoi4Real Releases Intro of Their Upcoming Mixtape ‘The Youngest OG’

Atlanta, USA; 02, April 2017: For music lovers, here is the good news! They can now enjoy the introductory music of the forthcoming mixtape that HicksBoi4Real is soon going to release. The intro of ‘The Youngest OG’ is now available on the Sound Cloud and anyone can visit the website to start playing the intro of the track. The intro has a length of more than a couple minutes and one can get the idea what the upcoming mixtape in store for them.


Amari Presents My Pursuit To Happiness

03, February 2017: My Pursuit To Happiness, is the first full length project from Oakland California rapper, Amari. The kid shines both lyrically as well as sonicaly with beautiful production echoing though out the project. The entire listen was handled in bulk by bay area producer MIKE Beats. With Amari rhyming over such lush and spacey production, it really seems as if his dreams are about to come full circle. While Amari shows off his lyrical ability and story telling on songs such as “Big Dreams” and ‘Holy Water”, he also has tracks like “Take It” and “5ten” that are sure to get a crowd moving. However with the story telling, and sheer bangers on this project, Amari shines his brightest on songs such as, “Lost” and “PSA” where he dives deeper into questioning his ability to pursue his dreams, as well as touch on some of the problems we as a society face today.

Global Musical Instruments Market to grow by revenue surpassing USD 18 billion during 2016-2020

MarketResearchReports.Biz has announced addition of new report “Global Musical Instruments Market 2016-2020” to its database.

About Musical Instruments

Musical instruments refer to tools or devices that are used to create musical sounds. Musical instruments are made up of materials such as wood, metal, string, and non-durable materials. Some of the most commonly used musical instruments are guitar, piano, wind instruments, keyboard, and percussion.

Technavios analysts forecast the global musical instrument market to grow by revenue surpassing USD 18 billion during the period 2016-2020.

Covered in this report

Ruidxin Comes Up With Musical Gadgets for Professional Djs

United States of America; 08, November 2016: The musical equipment required in today’s world are more complicated and require expertise. With the presence of professional DJs the use of headphones and multi-player decks have been on the rise. DJs are always particular about the gadgets that they use and they make sure that they get them from professionals. There are various websites selling these equipment to provide them an all in one solution. One of the online stores selling these electronic DJ equipment is Ruidxin.

MediPoint: Hip and Knee Reconstruction – Global Analysis, Competitive Assessment, Key Companies and Product Profiles Report

MediPoint: Hip and Knee Reconstruction – Global Analysis and Market Forecasts Size and Share Published in 2016-07-01 Available for US$ 5995 at


Hip and knee reconstruction is a fully mature market that has experienced no major innovation over the last decade other than incremental improvements. As health executives are scrutinizing purchases and using multiple channels to procure orthopedic devices at highly competitive prices, profit margins have been negatively affected; thus, revenue growth is dwindling in the global large joint reconstruction space.

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