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New Online Map of Shell Petrol Stations in Slovakia

A New Shell Fuel Station Finder from FLEETCOR

FLEETCOR fuel cards can be regarded as a cost-control solution for businesses.

FLEETCOR, being an official partner of Shell, has developed a new solution called “Shell Fuel Station Finder” that has been recently launched, and its functioning covers fuel stations located all over Europe. The innovative product is expected to be a game changer for commercial fleet drivers as it allows them to locate the nearest and any other European Shell and Shell partner fuel stations that accept their Shell fleet cards and to take advantage of other services available at the selected station. The solution provides detailed information on Shell and Shell partners fuel stations including address and contact details, business hours, services offered, a list of accepted fuel cards, types of fuels available, and specialized truck services. It also shows a list of amenities such as restrooms, convenience stores and eateries. Another nice and handy option will help drivers to easily locate the nearest stations for automotive supplies as well.

Congratulation to all our leaders of Vietnam Market

A branch of Golden Hill Solution, a British multinational corporation headquartered in London, TruckCoin is a respected leader in wholesale technology markets by utilising professional traders and skilled analysts with valuable experience in the markets of crypto-currency. These strategic elements create a safe investment environment with little or no risk.

Recently April 22nd 2017, there is GoldenHill Gala Dinner at Pullman 5 star Luxury Hotel Hanoi Vietnam with the presence of co-founder GoldenHill Charles H. Cranford. The corporation GoldenHill had rewarded all the leaders that achieve the highest price worth $60,000 before tax and the Vietnam market achieves $15 million investment amount from more than 10 thousand investors.

Get Out of Your Debt Trap ASAP

Debt Therapy offers effective solutions for debt management and has been providing the much required debt counselling in South Africa since 2007, when the National Credit Act was put into action. They have the necessary qualifications and experience to listen to you with care and empathy in order to find you the solution to your debt problem. They have been rated among the Top 5 debt management service providers in South Africa for the last three years. The services are given to you in person without third party interference. You will get the advantage of not having to go through a call centre, and you will also get a personal account manager to act as a guide to you from the beginning to the end of the process. With the help of Debt Therapy, you can expect to achieve complete freedom from debt, no matter how vicious the cycle you have currently fallen into.

New Shell Fuel Station Finder from FLEETCOR

Start of New Shell Fuel Station Finder from FLEETCOR in Europe

FLEETCOR fuel cards can be regarded as a cost-control solution for businesses.

Hourpay Ltd Comes Up With Its Platform for Interesting Investment Options

UK; 20, April 2017: Cryptocurrencies are now becoming a popular medium of transactions all over the world. These currencies have also given birth to an incredibly dynamic and fast growing market for the investors and speculators to earn money in a fair and transparent manner. There are many online platforms that are providing a comprehensive range of cryptocurrency investment plans to attract investors from different parts of the world. Hourpay Ltd is one such website that has brought out different investment plans to help people to earn robust profits within the fixed deadline. All its investment programs are totally exempted from the legal provisions of the US Investment Company Act of 1940, the US Securities Exchange Act of 1934, and the US Securities Act of 1933.

Metro Loans Reveals a New Deal on No Guarantor Loans, Includes Acceptable APRs

Metro loans UK

April 15, 2017, the UK: Metro Loans UK, a reputed online loan provider, has announced a fresh deal on no guarantor loans for all the UK citizens. Borrowers can apply for these loans through online mode without any unnecessary paperwork. People with bad credit scores are also eligible to seek the benefits of loans.

Metro Loans is working as a responsible credit lender, which constantly brings out efficient loan deals to solve the varied financial problems of its borrowers. In fact, it considered as the reliable no guarantor loans direct lender because it offers loans on such rates of interest, which are acceptable to every borrower.

HourpayLtd Exhibits Different Cryptocurrency Investment Plans To Earn Robust Profits

08, April 2017: Nowadays the use of cryptocurrencies is gaining widespread popularity across the globe. These currencies are now playing a dominant role in the business transactions and other investment activities in a fair and transparent manner. There are various websites that are exhibiting a comprehensive range of cryptocurrency investment plans to help people to earn robust dividends from any corner of the world. HourPayLtd is one such online platform that is showcasing lucrative investment programs to enable people to earn much money within the stipulated time period. It helps people to obtain a thorough knowledge of each and every investment scheme to earn profits even in the volatile market environment.

A Comprehensive Website for Binary Options Traders

Trading in binary options without developing your own trading strategy can lead you to incur unprecedented losses, especially if you rely on luck alone to see you through. That way, you risk losing all your invested assets. At, you can learn about the variety of strategies that can be used while trading. Each strategy is designed to suit certain market conditions. So you will need to choose the right binary options strategy for various conditions of the market. The Binary Options Boundary Out strategy – or the BOBO, for short, is a strategy invented by the trader known as OB60. It does not take into account which direction the market is moving in. Through this strategy, you basically have to decide whether to trade within a price range, or outside it. There are a variety of different strategies which you can adapt to suit your trading needs and style of trading.

Find the nearest Shell fuel station with the Station Finder App of FLEETCOR

Smart Navigator App from FLEETCOR for euroShell fuel card customers.

FLEETCOR has operations in 53 countries with more than 5,330 employees. Among FLEETCOR’s offerings are fleet cards, food cards, corporate lodging discount cards and other specialized payment services for businesses around the world. With 500,000+ commercial accounts having millions of cardholders, it has cemented its leadership position in the business of transaction processing to complete program management.
FLEETCOR helps oil companies to develop and to implement commercial fuel card programs by providing a host of services to merchants. This helps fleet operator business to optimize fuel costs, to travel time and to monitor their fleet of trucks, cars, and vans in real-time. Its fuel card systems are scalable, customizable and adaptable, adding value to all sizes of companies, particularly small and medium organizations.
The latest version of the Smart Navigator- Shell Station Finder App was made available on January 19, 2017, on the Play Store for Android devices. It requires Android 4.0.3 (Ice Cream) and up. The Smart Navigator App, version 2.0.2 was released on January 21, 2017, on the App Store for Apple devices. It requires iOS 6.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
The new Smart Navigator App helps to plan and to optimize the route to the desired fuel station. It gives access to the entire Shell network in Europe with over 200 Shell stations in Belgium. Holders of a euroShell multi-fuel card can refuel at 250+ ESSO stations (a Shell partner). International Shell Card is accepted at 22,000+ locations in 31 European countries.
The updated FLEETCOR Smart Navigator App has undergone many changes with the addition of a host of new features. It has been improved significantly and has become even more convenient for users. The user interface and design have undergone a complete makeover making it even easier to use. The App supports new languages and is available in English, German, Dutch, French, Polish, Hungarian, Czech, Slovak and Italian. Similarly, more petrol station chains have been added in Germany, Netherlands, France, Poland, Austria, Hungary, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Slovakia, Czech Republic, and Italy.
New features like ‘traffic jam’, ‘favorite stations’, ‘route to the nearest fuel station’ and ‘additional services’ have been added enhancing the capability of the Smart Navigator App.
It is of great assistance to drivers and fleet operator businesses, helping them to find the nearest fuel station within the entire network of partners of FLEETCOR. The App leads to significant savings in terms of fuel cost and time. Enjoy it!

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