How to build Leadership Qualities in Healthcare

this article showing build Leadership Qualities in Healthcare.

The leadership model in healthcare is developed for helping the staff of health and care services so that they can become effective leaders. It is useful for both the small clinics as well as big hospitals. Working directly with patients requires strong leadership qualities. The leadership model in health care is made up of nine major dimensions: leading with care, sharing vision, information evaluation, and capabilities development, inspiring the staff, team engagement, influencing people for results, inspiring staff and holding accountability. The nine dimensions can achieve through proper application of leadership in the health care industry.

Leadership can be defined as a process of influencing the group of individuals by an individual for achieving a specified goal (Adams and Arthur, 1978). In other words it can be said that in health care is a process that involves influencing in health care, occurs in a team or group and finally involves the attainment of health care goal. In a study by Yukl (1989), the health care leader has to influence with integrity to gain the followers and achieve the specified health care goal.

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