Latest Marketing research Techniques

Conducting a Marketing research itself is a very tedious work and more complex than it seems. A researcher has to face many issues while conducting a research and the most challenging is finding the correct information. There might be many sources available for the research but to validate them for authenticity is a big issue. Other than this data dependency is also a critical problem when there are many interrelated variables. During a research following the pre-planned strategies could also become an issue due to the frequently changing environment surrounding the research assignment help.

The social media is a gift to the young new world but along with the young minds it has also attracted the older people also. Most of the research data available on Social Media could be found in the form of Secondary Data Collection. Some of this data is published by the social sites itself and rest is available from the Internet Service Providers and freelance survey companies. The data published by the social sites is trustworthy because they are in the open market and any false data provided could be easily validated by the authorities. Another data source is Internet Service Providers (ISP) who keeps track of the data flow and bandwidth etc. and could provide the exact data. Most of the authors have used the data provided by the ISPs.

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