Chi Sono • Consulente di immagine, Rossella Migliaccio

Mi chiamo Rossella Migliaccio, sono Consulente di Immagine e membro dell’Association of Image Consultants International.

Having been an Image Consultant for approximately eighteen years a large allocation of my job involves taking clients shopping for an charity or a other wardrobe or just a few items to update his or her look. Quite often when a person shops as soon as me in the same way as they will autograph album to shop once again because of the results.

What does it involve? Sometimes a shopping vacation is preceded by a wardrobe planning consultation in the client’s own house to sort out what to save and what to discard. This gives me an idea of the client’s current tastes and style and what I think is missing from their wardrobe. If I haven’t ended wardrobe planning I may have advised the person on their colouring or make-up or indeed their style and how to dress, so I may have an idea of them from that or I may be meeting someone from well-ventilated just to shop.

If I’ve not seen the client for a while or am meeting them for the first time, we tend to spend the first half hour or hence having a coffee and allowing me to build up a characterize of the client, what they do, their leisure interests, their current style and what they desire from the session – after that useful is where that person has shopped before. Often I create a few observations and a list of that person’s requirements for the day. And later we start shopping:

What am I looking for? good question! Wherever we announce to start our search for clothes I’m looking for fine colours – if the client’s been analysed that’s compliant but not always indispensable as I generally have a fine idea of what shades I would in the manner of to seen them in. as soon as I’ve spotted the colours I will be looking at the fake of the garment to see if I think it is the right one for my client (so details in the same way as turn-ups on long legs might be good – but not on immediate legs every come into play). I’ll along with be when if I think the garment will combat my client’s personality and project the type of look they want. unaccompanied if all these details are favourable will I recommend that the person tries the item of clothing upon – in view of that I am quite gifted of walking through a few stores before I recommend that we stop and try.

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