Seyhan Law Firm offers the best legal services for Anti-Dumping Proceedings in Turkey

Turkey, Aug’16, Seyhan law, the leading law firm in turkey offers legal help and consultation to foreign companies who are victims of anti-dumping proceedings.

Founded in the year of 2001, Seyhan Law Firm is one of the prestigious law attorneys in Turkey. They specialize in providing legal assistance to foreign citizens and companies in Turkey. Their main field of legal services includes Consumer Protection Law in Turkey, Motor Vehicle Accident Compensations, Family Law, Criminal Law, Debt Recovery in Turkey and many more. One of the most common problems that have been constantly increasing from the last few years is the antidumping complaints issued by the Turkish companies against foreign Exporters. Seyhan law firm help these companies to successfully terminate these anti-dumping investigations.

The antidumping situation occurs when the export price of a good is less than its selling price in the exporting country. In the anti-dumping procedures, the margin of dumping is a calculated by comparing selling prices for the product in the home country and its export prices to Turkey. Also, the foreign companies in Turkey are asked to provide all the necessary documents by the Turkish Ministry of Economy. Further, the normal value of the product is calculated on the basis of the volume of sales, general administrative expenses, financial costs and the average trade margin. Based on all these necessary points, Final dumping investigation report is prepared and is sent to the embassy of the exporting country or to the headquarters of exporters in Turkey.

All these legal procedures are handled by expert lawyers of Seyhan law firm. They provide the best assistance to their foreign clients to obtain relief from dumping, by investigating, defending and initiating action in a broad range of industries and in a cost efficient manner with professional language skills.

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About the Company:

Seyhan Law Office was established in 2001 by three qualified lawyers Hakan Uncuoglu, Mustafa Korkmaz and Bulent Seyhan to offer legal services for foreign citizens and companies in Turkey. They offer legal services to English speaking foreigners to fight for their legal rights in turkey. Their Services include Consumer Law, Criminal Law, Commercial Law, Family Law and many more.

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Address – Kızılırmak Mahallesı 1450 sokak Ulusoy Plaza 9/9

City – Ankara

Country – Turkey

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Phone Number – +905358696484

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