Sofira Interior Textiles Parlor Aims at Selling High Quality Drapes in Odessa

Sofira Interior Textiles Parlor has reported their intention to design, sew and sell high quality drapes in Odessa. This decision is beneficial for the residents of the city and customers, who come from other locations. The assortment of textiles and accessories is very rich at the parlor, which makes it possible to order different kinds of curtains to meet any taste and needs.

Sofira Interior Textiles Parlor is a popular and reputable atelier, which was opened on October 1, 2006. Since that time, the parlor has gained popularity among the customers due to the high quality services they offer, extensive choice of textiles and drapes, qualified specialists and other benefits they offer to each and every customer. Professionals working for Sofira are experienced and dedicated to their job. They offer individual approach to each client with regard to the requirements, preferences and taste. This is what the managers of the parlor tell about it: “The aim of our atelier is to help the clients make their homes and offices comfortable, cozy and stylish by adding a touch of individuality to the interior design. We realize that surrounding plays a crucial role in the wellbeing of people and we try to make your lives bright, memorable and filled with warmth and happiness.”

As of today, Sofira can boast over 1500 clients, who have already become loyal customers of the parlor and recommend their services to their friends and relatives. The team working for the atelier consists of professionals, who are dedicated to what they do. They consider their job a calling, but not just mere everyday routine. These people are inspired to design and sew unique and extraordinary drapes, spending much of their time and effort.

The assortment of textiles and accessories offered by the parlor is very extensive and can impress everyone. New samples are regularly added to the collection to make it possible for the clients to choose and design contemporary and stylish curtains for their homes and offices. The parlor frequently takes part in exhibitions and seminars to enhance their efficacy and quality of work. There is one more thing that differs Sofira from other suchlike parlors. Apart from designing curtains, they also have professional equipment and tools to sew the curtains and offer the post-sales services. Due to this fact, it is possible to design drapes according to the individual designs offered by the clients.

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About the Company:

Sofira is a trendy and popular interior textiles parlor, which offers top-notch services on the professional design and manufacture of drapes. The parlor was opened on October 1, 2006, and has gained popularity with the clients, the amount of which exceeds 1500 people by now. The atelier has a rich choice of textiles and accessories. They use professional equipment and tools to design and sew high quality drapes according to the needs and wishes of customers. The parlor offers individual approach to each client, taking into account any design ideas. This is what makes them stand out from the crowd.

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Address: 5 Chernjakhovskogo Street, 65009 Odessa, Ukraine
Tel.: +38(048)785-07-65 / +38(048)787-32-78 / +38(050)336-47-68

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