to Provide Holistic, Evidence Based Counseling in Maryland

Silver Spring Therapy launches an innovative, collaborative effort with local holistic, evidence-based therapist agencies in Silver Spring, MD.  


Silver Spring, MD – In a first of its kind undertaking, the Sun Point Wellness Center and are pleased to announce a partnership plan with holistic agencies in Maryland and Washington DC.  Their shared goal is to provide holistic therapy and evidence-based workshops for organizations in the 20910-zip code, including much of the D.C. area.


The Sun Point Wellness Center utilizes the integration of clinical therapy, specific patient values, and proven research evidence into the decision making process for patient care and counseling.  They will work with The Latin American Youth Center (LAYC) whose mission is to empower youth to achieve a successful transition to adulthood through supportive multi-cultural, comprehensive, and innovative programs to employ these practices.


Laura Morse, Executive Director and Holistic Therapist, said this about the Latin American Youth Center, “We plan to help young people transition from child to adult in a way that addresses today’s social, economic, academic, and career needs.  We are very pleased to be a partner with this great LAYC in this effort.”


Along with Morse is therapist Daniel Abzug, the clinical director of the center.  Abzug specializes in working with adolescents and adults with co-occurring disorders as well as depression, mental disorders, phobias, childhood trauma, and addiction.   He will be offering evidence-based mindfulness workshops in the community on a monthly basis.


“Research shows that learning mindfulness techniques can help students improve their quality of living, both inside and outside of school, by being better able to cope with the various stressors of day-to-day life,” said Abzug.


These “evidence based” techniques are designed to help individuals control impulsive behavior and guide them to better decision-making.  These two elements have been tied to criminal behaviors and incarceration, so treating them at the source is the goal of the partnership.


“The more organizations and students we can help, the better,” said Morse.


Sun Point Wellness Center has plans to expand their workshop offerings, and is accepting new clients in the Silver Spring (20910) area who are seeking effective counseling to improve their relationships, mental health and self esteem. Interested individuals, families, and organizations can reach out to find services that meet their needs at




Silver Spring Therapy is a collaborative team of clinicians in our community who are dedicated to a client-centered, holistic and strengths-based approach to talk therapy. Their mission is to support the needs of the Silver Spring and DC-Metro area by providing the highest quality counseling services in the community of Silver Spring, Maryland.









Sun Point Wellness Center

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Executive Director

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