How to Recover Data from RAW Drive

How to Recover Data from RAW Drive


Read this article to know how to fix computer hard drive or memory card RAW file system problems without losing important files inside under different Windows OS environments, such as Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and more.


Computer Hard Drive Is Asking to Format due to RAW File System?

Inserted WD or Seagate computer internal or external hard drive just stop working since this drive is asking you to format before any access? While trying to check this not formatted drive in Disk Management, the drive is detected as RAW file system as well? While trying to test it with CHKDSK, you are also told: “CHKDSK is not available for RAW drives”? OK! It is sure that you must have got a RAW drive error problem. Honestly, when people are really stuck in such unsupported RAW file system error issues, they can not only receive the related not formatted error, CHKDSK RAW drive error, they may also find 0 bytes used space and free space problems, corrupted hard drive problems and more. However, no matter how your RAW drive error problems show, always do no any format there to avoid any data loss troubles and run RAW file system recovery software to take all desired original PC drive files.


Camera or Phone SD or Micro SD Memory Card Is in RAW Format?

When you are trying to access camera or phone SD or Micro SD memory card photos and videos, digital camera or smart phone just says this memory card needs to be formatted? Windows XP, 7, 8 or 10 PC also reports this memory card is in RAW format? Really want to rescue camera or phone data and also fix this RAW format memory card error issue? OK! Before the SD or Micro memory card RAW file system problem goes worse, also seek memory card photo recovery software to scan this card and retrieve lost data back before any format.


RAW File System Recovery Software to Retrieve RAW Drive or Memory Card Files

No matter whether you are using a internal/external hard drive, flash drive or memory card, they all are possible to bring you the related RAW file system error problems and cause data loss troubles. However, as long as you act carefully, you are also possible to get all desired important mails, pictures, messages, movies, games, programs, documents and files back. Merely remember to search and run a proper RAW file system recovery program to rescue files left on this RAW drive or memory card before converting RAW to NTFS or FAT32.



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