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Oct 05, 2016: For people who seek to slim down, almost everything has tried out there. So when something pops up in the media about an item to help aid in fat loss, many ears perk up. It is understood that oolong tea and green tea, also known as wu long tea, are not bad for our health and can keep weight at a healthy amount. For us Americans, we’re a little behind the eight ball as it pertains to understanding what’s healthy for us about beverage and food.

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Well, for people who need scientific data before attempting something, here is a fast overview of a study which was printed in the Journal of Medical Investigation in August 2003 concerning the difference between green tea and oolong tea regarding weight reduction. The study was done with 11 Japanese girls who drank matcha green tea, either water or oolong tea. After a period, data revealed that metabolism grew green tea increased metabolism by water and 4% not in the slightest. It implies that green tea or drinking oolong tea after a meal will cause the body to burn off more calories, thus helping in fat loss.

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Then what’s present in green tea, oolong tea was revealed to have half the number of EGCG, the cancer-fighting compound. So, this indicates that both tea have their particular strengths. Both oolong tea and green tea have already been widely reported on in the media regarding the advantages of drinking these to allow you to slim down. Therefore I think it’s only a matter of taste preference. Heck, why not drink both? The human body will gain.

Green teas contain a high quantity of antioxidants. According to research capability of green matcha tea is greater than spinach and blueberries, degrees that are known because of their high antioxidants.

Matcha tea can prevent cancer disorder. Scientific research shows that green tea drinkers have a lower risk of cancer ailment. The catechin has the strongest cancer-fighting properties. Matcha tea helpful in current and former cigarette smokers against lung cancer and may be especially useful in keeping breast, prostrate, lung and skin cancers.

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