Birmingham Floor Sanding

Specialising in wood floor sealing sanding, restoration and parquet flooring. Based in Birmingham, West Midlands”

As we all know, a floor can only be sanded a certain amount of times, which is determined by things like why the ground is sanded (are any deep scuff marks being sanded out etc) and most importantly on the depth of the wooden above the tongue and groove workings.

Thus, it is a good idea to save on the advantages of sanding, by keeping your floor looking lovely and scratch/damage free, specially when you consider the simple fact that you may want to sand the floor for cosmetic reasons (change of finish, to lighten up it up etc) a couple of times. Here are four tips to help you keep essential wood floor sandings to a minimum:

Handful of things between heaven and earth can dull a wood floor as quickly or as violently as sunlight. Therefore it is a good idea to protect your wood floor surfaces from it at all times. This doesn’t suggest you may need to live a sun-free life; you can get special sun-screens, which filter out the damaging rays and let the light in as normal.

Ensure all furniture ft have pads on the bottom. This will prevent them from scratching the ground when they are accidentally or deliberately shifted. Padded or not, it is still a good idea to ensure that furniture is actually lifted when being relocated in rooms with solid wood floors – the parts are mostly to protect against accidental shifts during everyday use of the furniture.

It is a good idea to acquire pads at all entrances, which people are advised to wipe their feet after. A brush mat exterior and a carpet cushion inside is a superb combination. This is a good idea to obtain a major mat in the doorway as well to catch any contaminants that will be blown in while the door is open up, and of course, when you can have everyone take their shoes off after access this is even better.

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