The Nightfall Horror Series Expands To Virtual Reality

With virtual reality technology on the rise, one game, Nightfall: Eclipse, is experimenting with the nascent field, producing horrifyingly realistic results.


September 26, 2016 – With over forty-three million current users, a number expected to quadruple in two years, the field of virtuality is on the rise. As a result, all sorts of applications are spawning. Everything from remote surgery through virtual emulation to engineering virtual prototypes is getting a little buzz out of the budding technology. The core push behind each of these applications is achievement of sensory immersion, a quality that current virtual reality games throw in for novelty. Nightfall: Eclipse by Zeenoh is here to expand on that concept. The ability of a horror game to at least partially suspend suspicion of disbelief is essential to creating a truly frightening game. This is where Nightfall: Eclipse fills its niche. It will be release as DLC of Nightfall: Escape on Steam and as standalone game in Oculus, expanding the game be virtual reality compatible, allowing an unprecedented level of immersion and a truly high-end scare.


Current fans will know Nightfall: Eclipse is the perfect game for this virtual reality augmentation. The plotline revolves around the inquiries of journalist Rianne Gonzales and her team as she visits the mansion explored by Nightfall: Escape protagonist Ara Cruz. Inside are the monstrosities of Filipino folklore, one of those is the Tiyanak, a class of limbo-bound, human-consuming, hell babies. Through the enhancements of virtual reality, users will be able to see, experience, and understand the fates of each of Rianne’s crew members. And with the unique source of Filipino folklore fueling the game’s scares, players are sure to be treated to scares never before seen in the West.


Aside from uniqueness and authenticity, the Nightfall franchise places an emphasis on quality and depth of their scares. Through the game’s incorporated technology and graphic design, it is able to hit on all three of Stephen King’s types of horror: “The gross-out”, outright “horror”, and subtly creepy “terror”. The unapologetic and gory graphics alone successfully ‘gross-out’ any onlooker. The outright disturbing horror is provided by inherently frightening folklore, attackers, and monsters. And unnerving terror is achieved through the creaking and tense ambiance provided by virtual reality, which is complimented by the unsettling nature of feeling immersed in the game. Additionally, Nightfall: Eclipse will be the first of its kind, being the first and only Philippine-made, virtual reality, horror game. These qualities of technology enhancement, authenticity, and depth make Nightfall: Eclipse one of the best indie horror games around.


Nightfall: Eclipse is scheduled to be released this October of 2016 on Steam and Oculus Experience.


About Zeenoh


Zeenoh Inc. is the proud Filipino producer of the Nightfall series that has worked so hard to bring the intensity of virtual reality to the horror scene. Founded in 2008 by JD


Abenaza, the indie company produces a self-published game and was even named a winner of the Game Festival in 2011 and again in 2015 for Nightfall: Escape’s “Most Outstanding Narrative Story”. The company has also recently won the Best SME Innovation in ASEAN Business Awards 2016 in Vientiane, Laos. Today the team is excited to have created an authentic Filipino horror game and hopes it will allow foreign users to enjoy the uniqueness of a Filipino scare.



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