CGO Legal Litigation Department: A Legal Solution for Foreign Clients

CGO Legal Counselling is a well known Polish law firm based in Lodz and Warsaw that provides legal services for individual clients as well as the foreign corporates.

The experienced litigation and debt collection lawyers in Poland are employed in this firm who are capable enough to render legal advice to non-native speakers. The Litigation department offers court representation to corporate clients and foreign individuals. The expert team is always there to help the foreign clients who need help to fight court cases in Poland. Some of the cases that are handled efficiently by the firm are-

• They assist their clients effectively to recover debt through Polish courts.
• European Payment Order applications are also handled by them.
• The expert debt collection and litigation lawyer of the firm helps you in getting recognition for judgements that are issued by the foreign courts.
• Shareholders disputes, inheritance proceedings, Swiss mortgage loans cases and out-of-court settlements are very efficiently handled by the team.

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Some of the facts of CGO Legal Counseling that may interest you-
1. If you are a new start-up, then you need to trademark the name or logo of your company. This firm assists you in doing so.

2. The CGO Legal Counselling is a part of CGO Group.

3. This firm is always updating themselves in accordance with the latest rules and regulations.

a. This firm is upgraded with the latest law that facilitates debt recovery by extending existing bailiffs competence.
b. They are also upgraded with the new development of the Accounting Act, which is amended with the aim of Review of Better Regulation for entrepreneurs.
c. Recently, the latest draft amendment on Polish Code of Commercial Partnership and Companies has been informed by the Justice Ministry.

4. They offer their services in various departments, such as-

a. Tax department- It is highly recommended to take expert advice while planning a business operation; as Polish tax law is defined by high levels of ambiguity and complexity. The expert lawyers of CGO Legal Counselling assist you by advising on both civil and tax law.
b. Corporate Department- The corporate lawyers of this firm will assist you as well as your company in almost all cases which are related to compliance, corporate structures and by-laws.
c. Immigration Department- The expert team of CGO Immigration Department offers you a catalogue of services that deals with the immigration law issues.

About CGO Legal Counselling-
This firm offers their services in four different languages such as- English, Polish, Italian and Spanish. This legal firm is always with you to help you in all legal matters concerning Polish law. In terms of establishing a company or purchasing real estate, the firm is always there to assist their clients by offering legal assistance. Mass redundancies, tax optimisation, bankruptcies, winding up, corporate transformations that include M&As and due diligences are some of the services that are offered by this firm.

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