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Najlepšie interaktívne tabule na trhu za najnižšiu cenu, informačno komunikačné technológie (IKT) od odborníkov. http://www.jumpin.sk/

An interactive whiteboard also called as a Wise Board, is an common surface on which a computer screen is estimated. The IWB is touch sensitive and permits the user to employ a pen or finger rather than a mouse to control the pc. The computer data can be completely displayed on the white board and the data can be saved for later consumption. The IWB can be integrated with the audio system and any sort of multimedia if it is linked to the computer. The table can be linked to the internet.

Interactive whiteboards are of two styles: Hard plank and Soft board. The hard boards have a hard surface with many compact circuits and cables linked to the panel behind the screen. This kind of makes the screen to be usable only with a special stylus that is provided with the Smart Board. The Smooth boards have a delicate but strong membrane that can be operated with a special stylus or despite a finger or elbow. Many of the IWB manufacturers provide special software so that the interactive planks can be customised as required.

To understand the significant of the Wise board people should read the instruction guide very carefully. This will help the smooth consumption of the board; the others moves as per the declaring, “Practice makes a man perfect”. The Interactive Whiteboards with their interactive feature helps the teachers to keep their students well engaged by projecting the lessons in a dynamic manner. The IWB can be used both by teachers and students to represent their ideas in a novel way. Every the schools should include the use of Fun Whiteboards in boosting learning and teaching.

The white interactive board is very special tool in the modern education system as it helps student to study with a sensible approach and not simply the traditional theoretical approach.

The board is employed for sales pitches in schools, colleges, and at a professional level. This is very helpful because of its online approach as it requires the whole group in the discussions and there can even be online discussion with anybody anywhere in the world at the same time.

This helps professors to improve their coaching methods. With the help of white boards instructors are able to give wide knowledge to their students rather they entail their students while instructing them and solve their problems and queries with live examples and so forth

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