Party Wall Agreements – A guide for beginners

If you’re planning to start some construction on a wall that separates your property and your neighbour’s property or if you’re thinking of building a new wall then it is highly important to party wall expert  ensure that you send a formal party wall notice to the concerned neighbours. This activity that involves giving the notice in order to take the permission from the concerned neighbours is referred to as a party wall agreement. This is something that might get a little confusing and complicated for the beginners.

Party wall agreements are highly common. But it can at times prove to be a complicated deal for some as it demands all the right documentation to make sure everything goes well. You need to keep in mind the given points:

The notice that you’ll be sending and to whom

Developing the party wall notices and including the forms that will signed by your neighbours to get the permission to move ahead with the decision.

Seeking the complete guidance on how to serve these notices

Seeking the complete guidance on how to respond on deal with counter notices or any kind of disputes which might arise in future.

In the above stated notices, the person who wants to undertake the construction of party wall is referred to as the building owner. The people who have the ownership of the property which is getting affected are referred to as adjoining owners. The note addresses the former, who are undertaking the construction of party wall or a new wall altogether. It is always advisable to clear all the doubts with your neighbour after receiving the party wall notice.

The building owner is the one who is permitted to serve the party wall notice. If there is more than one owner involved in owning the property then all the owners must be named in the notice for the notice to stand valid.

The four different type of party wall notices that you need to understand involve:

Working on a party structure or an existing party wall

New wall spanning the boundary line

New wall adjoining the boundary line

Excavations close to the neighbour’s building

The people who will be required to serve the notice will depend on the nature of the construction. For proper guidance and consultation one must visit and consult a party wall expert in order to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

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