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The installation of IP security cameras has steadily grown for the last year or two. An IP camera (Internet protocol camera) is searching for video camera that can be used for security and is able to send and receive data through a computer and the internet.

While installing an IP camera is relatively easy, the biggest challenge from securities point of view is how to ensure that hackers do not find your camera on the internet. Here are a few set up tips that will help secure your IP security camera from snooping eye.

Keep your Camera’s Software is Up to date

Up-to-the-minute IP security cameras have a customizable firmware. If a security lapse is discovered, the camera’s manufacturer often fixes the susceptibility by updating the firmware. The firmware can be up-to-date from the manufacturer’s standard website through the webmaster console.

Thus, keep checking out your IP security camera manufacturer’s website regularly for the more recent version of software that is not prone to exploitation by hackers and other internet users.

Hold the Cameras Local

To avoid your camera nourishes ending up on the internet; simply avoid attaching them to the internet. For increased privacy and security, keep your digital cameras local and lock them to a non routable internal IP addresses. Be aware that even with a non routable IP addresses, your security camera may still be susceptible to a software that can make it vulnerable to the internet. It is essential therefore that you check the manufacture’s official website to find out how to locking mechanism your camera exclusively to a local internet method.


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