Shadowspec Premium Quality SU6 & SU7 Cantilever Umbrellas- utilising modern gas-lift technology

California,US, Sept, 2016 – SHADOWSPEC Umbrella Systems offers its customers with their flagship SU6 and SU7 Cantilever Umbrellas – a globally award-winning design supplied across USA, Canada and indeed globally. This design presents a simple and easy ‘one sliding movement’ action to open and close the umbrella, without the use of troublesome pulleys or winding crank mechanisms.

Trusted for over 25 years, Shadowspec Luxury Umbrella Systems is the most popular cantilever umbrella shade supplier in USA.They offer wide-ranging cantilever patio umbrellas with the likes of wall mount, rotating cantilever umbrellas, multi mast umbrellas, heavy duty wind umbrellas, cantilever market umbrellas and more,adding class and finesse to your overall outdoor environment. Shadowspec Luxury Umbrella Systems have designed the easy sliding deployment system for their SU6 and SU7 Cantilever Umbrellas for unbeatable simplicity, alsoallowing it to be configured in various shapes and configurations to suit your needs, outdoor space and budget.

The SU6 and SU7 Cantilever Umbrella models use German manufactured gas-strut technology to perfectly balance the weight of the cantilever umbrella and enable the user to open and close each umbrella individually with ease. With just one easy sliding movement,these cantilever umbrella models allow you to advance from the traditional umbrella systems. There are no ropes & pulley and no winding crank systems present that invariably prove troublesome after extended use. Combined with its perfectly engineered and well balanced design, the patented elementary sliding mechanism guarantees that the raising and lowering of the umbrella is accomplished effortlessly. The evolution of gas strut technology makes opening and closing of the SU6 and SU7 umbrellas super-efficient, quick and trouble-free.

So, if you are looking for exotic range of premium quality umbrellas with outstanding features including the ability to mount up to four individual umbrellas on just a single mast, visit the website now. Shadowspec have an experienced customer service team who can offer advice and assist you on the various cantilever umbrella modelsand best cantilever umbrellas thatwill suit and work best for your situation and meet your requirements. So call toll free on 844 888 5577 or if you prefer, you can also email .

About the Company came into inception in the early 1990s. They offer a premium range of luxury, outdoor umbrella systems, using eye catching designs & unique styles that set them apart. They specialize in supplying premium outdoor and patio umbrellas, suitable for a wide variety of applications, both domestic and commercial. Some of their exclusive umbrella range includes: wall mounted umbrellas, cantilever umbrellas, double cantilever umbrellas (effectively rectangular umbrellas), rotating cantilever umbrellas and high wind performance umbrella models. Their focus is on providing durable, easy to use, quality patio umbrellas that maximize personal comfort in the outdoor environment plus enhance and add value to the surroundings of any location. They deliver across USA, Canada and globally.

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