Which load cell is suitable to Use

Which Load Cell is suitable to you to Use

Load Cells are available in many models and ranges.  Generally most of the load cells are matched to particular application. Here we go to see some of load cells which are more suitable to your application.

Fundamentally a load cell is an electronic device it is used to determine the loads and forces. For example, the compression load cell can be used to measure the forces which application is uses the loads down on the device. Some kinds of load cell are used to measure the tension and pressure applies on the device. Some other types of load are can able to measure both the compression and tension loads.

Bending Beam Load Cell

The bending beam load cells are generally used in more number of applications. Because its shapes and design is very easy to fit in any application. This load cells are designed by stainless steel. Bending beam load cell is not suitable to measure the lower weight measurements.

Compression Load Cell

Compression load cell is generally used in weigh bridges (Truck Scale). This load cell has high capacity ranges to measure the weights. It has in ranges from 50 Kg 5000 kg and also it has variety of column. One kind of column called rocker column can able to measure the accurate loads any time and where the loads are vary.

Shear Beam Load Cell

This kind of load cell is used where the high volume of equipment has been used. This is mainly used in filling equipment, industrial weight measuring application, tanks and more. Shear beam load cell are really good for floor scales.

S Type Load Cell

Basically S Type load cell are more flexible and measure both the compression and tension loads. This load cell is used where the high volume weight can applies. Where the loads and tensions are measured with S Type load cell will get exact weights and loads.

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