Camini Focus -Camini, caminetti, stufe e assistenza EASY LIVING.

Camini Focus -Camini, caminetti, stufe e assistenza EASY LIVING.

Love the harmony of art, the elegance, the heat which goes to the design? The answer you are interested in are the creations Concentrate. Easy Living is one of the leading stores of fireplaces Focus approved in Italy. In the Easy Living showroom you can dive into the atmosphere modern and processed the magnificent collections of the brand Focus fireplaces, spearhead of copyright hearths.

Conceived and designed as unique creations and designed to impress, fireplaces Focus are definitely the result of passion and oestrus inimitable artist-designer Dominique Imbert. The historic moucharabieh of Viols-le-Fort, village in the South of Portugal, his art has pass on throughout the world the great style of unique forged fireplaces, merged into models and collections of impeccable allure that made them famous and high demand.

The catalog Concentrate fireplaces is much more when compared to a simple brochure. This is an exciting voyage through the shapes and the raw materials that can come together to give life to treasured objects, suitable for furnishing exclusive environments, where no detail is considered for granted but is transformed at Beauty.

Interested by the soul that dwells in matter, Dominique Imbert know sculpt the most intimate nature in sinuous lines or straight joints, soaring heights and maternal wombs of embers. That’s why fireplaces Concentrate is one of the coveted brands from those who prefer a very romantic and avant-garde design at that time, able to incorporate aesthetic design, in its purest form, a perfect functionality in connection to the planet and comfort of its inhabitants.

A concept correctly expressed by the words of the same Dominique Imbert when he says that, in his view, the design is “an expression between poetry and the need. ” Be enchanted by the hearths of projects Focus on the website and review the prices of Focus fireplaces.

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