Calze sì o no? Questo è il dilemma. • Consulente di immagine, Rossella Migliaccio

Calze sì o no? Scopriamo tutte le regole del Dress Code e del Galateo, ma anche quelle del buon senso e della consulenza di immagine..

Looking to sharpen your professional image? Working one-on-one with an image consultant is a great way to increase your thing and skills. A great image consultant can mentor you on your clothes, professional demeanour, grooming and makeup, verbal skills, and body language. You may also seek the services of a consultant to help you prepare for something specific, such as a job interview or an important presentation.

Or, you might choose to bring in a picture specialist to speak to a larger audience during a company training. However, choosing the right image advisor will demand some research and preparation. You want to be certain that your expert will understand your preferences, will work well with you, and it is qualified to help you achieve your goals.

You should also know about their methodology and make sure that this fits your standards and expectations. The moment you take the time to find a fantastic expert, you will get the most out of the experience.

Before you begin your search, write down just what skills you aspire to gain. Do you require lessons in the best shades, cuts, and style of any professional wardrobe, or do you get nervous in front of a herd and wish to improve your speaking and body language skills?

If you are finding a consultant for a company training, in which areas do your employees need advice and improvement? When you evidently define what services you need, it will probably be better to find a consultant who will work well with you. Additionally, when you have hired the consultant, you can let him or her know from the outset just what you would like to achieve.

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