Whiteflies are also identified as ‘aleyrodidae’ and closely associated to mealybugs and aphids. They are winged insect and comprise supple body. It commonly available but due to extreme small in size usually concealed which make their detection quite difficult. Usually comes in triangular in shape and frequently available in bunch on the below surface of leaves. You can see them during daytime however proper attention needs to pay. To reproduce perfectly, whitefly needs warmer ambience or weather. There are number of varieties presented but silverleaf whitefly is extremely common, small in size and little darker in color. They usually influence an extensive range of plants.  They are completely dependent on plants for their diet thus you can easily locate them on vegetable plants, peppers, eggplant, okra, tomatoes and so on. However, sweet-potato is the most loved plant of whiteflies. To eradicate them completely from your plants pest control Boca Raton FL will definitely help you out.


Whitefly usually produces a specific kind of substance identify as honeydew which give rise to fungal diseases on leaves. When whitefly start consuming their food plants will rapidly turn awfully weak and become incapable to release photosynthesis. Even, their leaves will fade and turn insipid and growth will deteriorate. Plus, you’ll see the presence of ants surrounded to that particular plant due to presence of honeydew.  Thus, never ignore such signs and keep checking the below surface of leaves. If you can’t see the whiteflies just try to feel the honeydew, if they are presented, will all fly in a group surely.  You can explore the presence of eggs below side of leaves, sign of the commencement of new generation. If identification is the problem hires an expert pest control Boca Raton FLagency, they will surely help you out.


If you are tensed due to consistent growth of whiteflies at your home then this is the right time to take the precise action else problem will become extremely difficult to handle and get worsen. The best way to eliminate their growth is to ‘initiate early’, keep checking your garden area and below surface of leaves. If you find their presence apply insecticidal solution on the affected plants and coat their leaves thoroughly. However, apply the solution when environment is cooler. You can also prepare a solution via using dishwashing liquid and water and apply on your plants, it’s very effective. Even, using vacuum is also an ideal option to eliminate whiteflies from your plants. Besides, for more effective and enduring results hire pest control Boca Raton FL agency. They will apply some efficient chemicals and pesticides to complete removal of whiteflies along with larvae and nymphs.

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