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Fredericksburg, Virginia, 2016, – Building your dream home on your lot can provide you plenty of benefits. In order to build the finest, most appealing home for your family, choose Mitchell Homes, Inc. They are one of the most reliable home builders in Virginia and have many satisfied customers.

Some people think buying an existing house is the right choice, but building a dream home on your lot is a better option. Building a home on your lot in Virginia can provide you several benefits and choices you simply can’t get when purchasing an existing home. To build your luxurious dream home on your lot in Virginia, you should choose the most preferred and experienced home builders. Mitchell Homes, Inc. is one of the most experienced and reliable home builders in Virginia able to build a beautiful dream home on your lot. They have crafted many homes throughout the years and are truly able to bring their customer’s dreams to life.

Building your home on your lot gives you ample benefits including an option to design your home according to your choice, something which you can’t get if you buy an existing built home. You can also select the material and products for building your home, ensuring your home is built with the highest quality materials. You also have the freedom to select the interior and exterior design and select the perfect look of your home. By building your dream home on your lot, you don’t have to pay the seller extra money for unwanted features and products. Another benefit of building a home on your lot is that you are not bound to any community regulations and can build in any style you choose.

Building a home is a big decision and to be on the safe side it is important to choose a builder that is reliable and comes highly recommended. Mitchell Homes, Inc. is one of the most preferred builders in Virginia, serving customers with the finest custom homes built on their existing lot. They are pioneers in building the most eye-catching, appealing homes featuring the most attractive and modern interiors and exteriors. Besides building on your lot, Mitchell Homes, Inc. also offer customers a wide variety of existing homes in various parts of Southern MD, VA, Northeastern NC and more.

If you are looking to build your home on your lot, Mitchell Homes, Inc. is the most reliable home builder in Virginia. To learn more about their custom built homes and services visit

About the Company:

Mitchell Homes Inc. is a family owned and operated local Virginia business building new stick-built homes on land that our customers own in Southern MD, VA and Northeastern NC. They are the only builder who offers experienced landowners the unique opportunity to build on land with No Construction Loan, No Down Payment, and No Closing Costs! They are constantly striving to make the home building experience an exciting and rewarding one for you and your family.

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Address: 621 Warrenton Road,

Fredericksburg, Virginia

Zip Code: 22406


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