Book Desert Safari Dubai Tour

The Book Desert Safari Dubai Tour is something that each tourist love to complete it and it’s without doubt this is the better program, but you should select the proper agency, which perform this system that exceeds your expectation.I been for a great desert safari in Dubai, several days ago, I felt it’s worth for the cash I paid, but with another agency I lost my one day- once we booked our program initially with hotel travel desk.

I wish to share my experience with most of you since it is vital any particular one must understand the destination and its tourism. I stumbled on Book Desert Safari Dubai Tour with friends for a quick break, we’ve booked our hotel with a real estate agent in UK, but we didn’t book some of the tours, since the tour prices were higher by 4 times with this agent in UK. We were remaining in a respected 5 star hotel in Dubai, we approached hotel’s travel desk, and they booked for a safari tour with an amount of AED 275.

In afternoon around 3.30 we were taken by way of a mini bus!!!, quite old and noisy but it had been fine for purpose. We asked the driver where in actuality the 4×4, the driver said we’d have it in the desert. We were a complete of 18 guests from various hotels in the bus, taken fully to a location after driving around 25 minutes then stopped for over 30 minutes looking forward to the 4×4 to choose the safari. We noticed there have been another group already waiting to be used for safari/camp before us.

Finally the 4×4 came we were taken straight to the safari camp within 6 minutes, we reach the camp is extremely near to the road we could see vehicles were passing through the street near to the camp. It is funny we’d different expectation, there clearly was no Book Desert Safari Dubai Tour. The camp was more such as for instance a camel farm. Just basic. We got surprised as one amongst the participants folks been already to the safari.

It wasn’t possible to just accept what’s being wanted to us. We approached the manager in the camp, after having an extended argument.. no result… finally we chose to call the Police, once the management seen that police is informed the situation, the camp management immediately taken us back once again to the hotel and asked to talk with the travel desk. We approached the travel desk additionally they refused to cover the money. Then a matter moved to raised level management of the hotel, finally after having a long fight… we got the entire refund.

We spoke to the driver who took us back once again to the hotel; according to him the travel desk is not really a area of the hotel they leased the region and run by way of a small agent – the driver said the agent got no camp no jeep, almost all their business outsourced for AED 50 to the safari companies. He also said in Dubai Tours you will find 400 hotels out that 50% of these they do the exact same thing. We realized that leading office management fully a part of this looting, when someone approach them they offer the contact of the business whom they get commission.

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