Sharp Cleaning Services LLC in Fargo ND Tender Offers Emergency Water Removal Services

Moorhead, MN, 26-September-2016 — Sharp Cleaning Service in a locally operated and owned cleaning business serving Moorhead – Fargo ND for many years. Our integrity and innovations have helped us to become one of the area leaders in facility services, and our interest in helping clients recover after a floor or weather related event has led us to become an authority in 24/7 water damage restoration services.

If your sump pump fails or a pipe breaks in your residence, your family is left in a precarious situation. It is of prime importance to remove the water as soon as possible, to avoid additional moisture damage or other secondary damage. Secondary damage happens when the atmosphere cannot absorb any more moisture, and this paves the way for surplus moisture to take hold and attack the surroundings. It’s a horror when your hardwood floors start to buckle, your sheetrock starts sagging, your ceiling tiles start to crack, and your vinyl flooring starts to separate from its base! Then, on top of everything else, your house will experience a rapid growth of bacteria.

That’s when Sharp Cleaning Services comes to the rescue! We’re equipped with a multitude of industrial vacuums to suck up any large bodies of liquid, and water extraction trucks to pump out the water as fast as we can. We just need you to call to our 24 hour emergency hotline, and we’ll be on our way. We’re also professionals in removing any moisture that has gotten into your walls as well.

Once that water’s gone, we can start the process of cleaning in earnest. Our next step is our sanitation procedure, when we comb through the affected area, and kill all that bacteria that’s been left behind by the water damage. Sharp has high-grade dehumidifiers as well as air movers which are set up to add the final farewell to all that unwanted secondary water damage. While all that moisture is being removed from the air in your home or business, we’ll be assessing any water damage that’s been done to your furniture and carpets. Our company has a solution for them as well. The best part about our clean-up services is our price, which happens to be the most affordable clean-up service you can get in the Fargo – Moorhead area!

You can learn more about Sharp Cleaning Service by visiting their web pages at Press members and anyone else who has questions about this press release are cordially invited to contact this company at the address listed below.
Company Name: Sharp Cleaning Services LLC
Address: 2104 14th Ave S, Moorhead, MN 56560
Contact Phone Number: 701-799-0399
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